Installation Wizard

Hoisting, handling and installation of the whole machine:

When hoisting, the packing box should be hoisted together as much as possible. When other reasons make the equipment unpacked, it must take its bottom frame as a lifting point, and pad paper or wood on the contact of the wire rope to prevent the surface from scratching, and it should be stable, keep the level and prevent the damage to the equipment when the hoisting is hoisted.

1. layout of equipment:

Equipment positioning should take full account of convenient operation and utilization of space. It should allow more than 1 meters of space around to facilitate operation and maintenance. Because of the equipment self weight and the equipment working without large vibration, so no other fixed mechanism is used, and the lifting screw is adjusted after the equipment is in place, so that the equipment is smooth and leveled with the horizontal ruler, and then the screw nut on the lifting screw is locked. In order to facilitate the cleaning and drainage of equipment, a tap water pipeline and a drainage ditch should be installed beside the machine.

2. selection of water pump and pipeline:

When the pump is configured, it is suggested that the pure water filling part and the pure water rinse part are supplied with one or two pumps respectively. The filling pump is intermittent perfusion. It is suggested that the ball valve (DN25) be installed on the pipeline between the outlet and the entrance of the filling pump to adjust the filling pressure and provide reflux to reduce the pump load; the flow rate of the filling pump. More than 2.2 tons / hours and 20 meters of lift, the flow rate of the pump is more than 1 tons / hour, and the lift is 25 meters. If the water supply of a single pump is used in other cases, the flow and lift of the pump should be properly increased to eliminate the drop of water pressure at the time of filling and cause the clean and thorough washing of the bottle.

When the connecting pipe of the pump outlet and the filling machine is less than 5 meters, it is suggested that the pipe fittings of DN25 are selected for the filling line, and the pipe fittings of the DN20 in the sterile water (pure water) are used to install the connection, such as more than 5 meters or too many turns, the pipe fittings will be increased accordingly, otherwise the filling speed will be directly affected, which leads to the decrease of the output and the dry washing bottle. Net. The selection of water pump and pipeline has been arranged according to the design requirements of the machine before leaving the factory. When you use this machine, you usually do not need to install it separately.

Note: the above pumps and fittings should be selected as food grade.

3. installation of power supply:

Installed according to the power supply provided by the machine, the ground wire marked with the ground mark (PE or yellow green color) must be reliably grounded when installing. (Note: do not connect the ground line on the pipe of the open water electricity) and use multiple power lines to connect the power supply with the air leakage protection switch in the distribution box of the equipment. (Note: L connects the fire line, N connects zero line), then chooses the suitable diameter according to the power of this machine. It is recommended that AC 220V choose the power line of RV 3 * 4.0mm2 - 500 wire diameter, and AC 380V selects the power line of RV 5 * 4.0mm2-500 diameter.

4. air road installation:

The air compressor gas outlet is connected with the inlet of the oil-water separator in the distribution box of the filling machine. The air compressor is recommended to select the following parameters: volume capacity 0.1M3, kilogram volume 0.17M3/min, rated exhaust pressure 1MPa/Cm2 (air compressor to 0.5-0.8Mpa, 0.5 Mpa, air compressor start, 0.8 Mpa, air Compressor stop) start the air compressor, when the pressure is more than 0.8MPa, open the air compressor gas source switch, adjust the pressure regulating valve on the oil and water separator, make the pressure greater than 0.55MPa (Note: the pressure is lower than this value, this machine can not work normally, the pressure regulating valve is adjusted well, it is generally not needed to be adjusted. " . Adjust the pressure of the method: first lift the oil water separator pressure regulating valve, and then clockwise and counter clockwise rotation to adjust the pressure of large, small), oil separator oil separator JIS K2213 oil (ISO VG32 oil). Please do not exceed the cup 80%. The number 0 is the minimum oil, 9 is the largest oil, the number is the arrow direction, (generally adjusted to 4); from 9 to 0 position can not rotate, must be clockwise rotation.

Note: for the pneumatic components of the device, the performance is more stable during use. Before the machine is used, the oil feeder of the oil-water separator must be properly supplied with JIS K2213 oil (ISO VG32 grade oil).